A Successful Sale

A Successful Sale: Early Real Estate Agent Help is Key

Before contacting your Raleigh real estate agent to list a home, most people do extensive amounts of repair and cosmetic work, get inspections done, and spend hours researching how to determine their asking price. Unless they have a background in real estate, they are often going at it based on the advice of friends, family, and the internet.


There is no reason to wait. Once you’ve selected a local real estate agent, they are going to be the best resource when it comes to preparing your home for listing. From providing you with a strong market analysis to advising how to obtain the best curb appeal, your agent will quickly become your sounding board, voice of reason, advocate, and friend. Click here to learn more about our local Raleigh Real Estate Agents.


You do not need to spend time and money fixing things up to “impress” them. It’s okay to let your agent see your home as-is. Let’s face it. You are emotionally invested in the home and may not have a clear eye for what needs to be done before actually listing the home. Maybe you feel that just a few minor repairs are needed before you’re ready to go. Or maybe you are putting off selling because you think the repairs are so major that you can’t possible afford to do them at this time. Maybe, just maybe, you’re thinking that you may just sell the home as-is and negotiate repairs with the potential buyer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a professional second opinion? An agents’ fresh perspective will help you see what major work may need to be done and what minor cosmetic work can make a big difference.

After living in a home for so many years, it is often hard for the homeowner to see the layout of the home differently. Your 4 bedrooms may have always been bedrooms: the master bedroom and the other bedrooms where your three children grew up. An agent can do an amazing job of speculating how others may view the home. Is there an opportunity for a home office, mother-in-law suite, or man-cave? By opening up the possibilities, your agent is able to open up the buyers pool and give you a greater chance of selling your home quickly and at a price that makes you happy. Isn’t that the goal?

So the ball is in your court, you can continue to spin your wheels wondering if you need totally new landscaping or will some fresh mulch and colorful annuals do the trick. You can rip out all the kitchen cabinets even though they may have just needed a facelift.

Here is our recommendation, grab your copy of our Free Home Selling Guide. There is absolutely no obligation and we ask for nothing in return. We eliminate all the pressure. No unsolicited emails or phone calls. We simply want you to know all there is to know before listing your home. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We’d love to chat.