About Us

eRealty and Associates, Inc. is a little different in how we share our information and expertise with you. We want you to have the right information and advice so that you can stay in control of the buying or selling process to do what is best for you. 

No pressure to work with ERealty and Associates!

We guarantee this by giving you free access to our membership site for you to get the right information to determine if you want to speak with us. The only thing that we ask for in return is that if you like what you are hearing, give us a chance to speak to you when you are ready to buy or list your home.  Just click on the Buying, Selling or Get Money buttons to gain free access to this valuable knowledge.

“The worst that can happen to you is that you leave knowing more than when you joined!” - Claudette Anderson

Our founder, Claudette Anderson, went through 5 North Carolina real estate agents before she became an agent herself. All that she ever really wanted was to be able to see what someone offered and then decide if she felt that she could trust that person to work with them. Because being pressured to do anything sucks!

Wouldn't you like to know more about someone before you commit to working with them? Don't gamble on whom you work with. Find out more about our level of expertise, skill set and what we offer first. Fair deal?

Trust First, Commitment Second!

Does this sound fair to you?  

  •  If your gut or logic is telling you that the home you are looking at is not the right one, don’t buy it!
  • Does the market data support your desire to purchase? If not, reconsider.
  • Is now the right time to sell your home? We have to gather all of the information to figure this out.
  • If the numbers do not make sense, don’t sell it if you don’t have to. 
  • We will never pressure you into doing something that you are not completely comfortable with. 
  •  We are brave enough to tell you the truth, even if it isn't what you want to hear.
  • Our goal is to lower your risk and chance of regret. 
  • We have tested and developed proprietary marketing systems for selling your home. Ask us how!

We are trained in negotiations and statistical analysis. We don't gamble with your money! Click on the Buying, Selling or Get Money Buttons to see what we bring to the table!

We are Not Just Real Estate Agents, We are Human Beings that Care!

Why do we work as a team? Everyone can do what they love and also have time off. After years of working 7 days a week and still working while pretending to be on vacation, we developed our unique team concept. You will always be taken care of even if one of your team members is on vacation. We don't want to compromise our service to you. We do want to have time off just like anyone else so that when we come back to work, we are refreshed and ready to bring our game!

Meet our team below.

Evan Purser

Real Estate Broker & Team Manager

Evan has years of real estate experience with a passion for negotiating, numbers and investing. A seasoned house-flipper, Evan shares his eye for staging and experience in the construction industry with his clients. Why? He was a client of eRealty and Associates and was so excited about what we brought to the table that he decided to join the team! He is now our team manager, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Melody Dunn Jenkins

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

Melody brings years of real estate experience to the table and loves seeing the smile on your face when you have closed on your new home or sold your house!

Melody used to be one of our clients and bought her first home in Raleigh years ago with us. When Melody decided to become a real estate broker in NC, she wanted to be part of our team, and we jumped at the chance to add her designer eye, formidable negotiation skill and real estate expertise to our team. She has been with us for years now!

Claudette Anderson

Real Estate Broker - Owner & Marketing Guru

Claudette had a dream of building a company that informed you first before you had to commit to a contract.  Anyone can show a house, but that isn't enough! What does your agent bring to the table? Do they have the skills to lower your risk, negotiate for you, market your home, solve problems, handle objections, study market trends and understand statistics? Our team is extensively trained in each of these areas to help you form your game plan!

Holly Mitchell

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

Holly has worked with us for years and has helped many of our buyers and sellers achieve their home ownership dream. She understands the importance of staging to help position your home at its best. A problem solver by nature, Holly gets straight to the point, mapping out a clear path to your fulfill your plan.

Holly loves to see you happy and isn't afraid to answer any questions that you may have!


Lindsay Facchine

Broker, Listing Coordinator & Team Member

Lindsay has been in real estate for years and brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table.

Not only is she our trusted listing coordinator with a killer eye for taking compelling photos for our listings, but she is also a trusted eRealty and Associates Team Member and pays attention to every detail.

Working with several buyers and sellers, she knows just what to do to lower your risk & implement your plan.


Judith Mills

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

Judy’s love of learning and desire to become more knowledgeable about real estate brought her to our door, and we’re excited she’s here! 

Judy’s natural instincts and eye for details help her minimize the snags in the home buying process.  A fantastic listener and problem solver, she knows which questions to ask and isn’t shy about asking the tough ones to make sure her clients are happy. 

Victoria Frateschi

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

Victoria has several years of experience in the field of Real Estate. A seasoned Property Manager, Victoria provides her clients a tremendous wealth of real estate knowledge.

She was originally a client of eRealty and Associates and was so excited about the opportunity to join the eRealty Team. She loves to show houses and is ecstatic every time one of her clients finds their next home. Victoria also brings to the table the expertise to form a solid plan to sell your home.

Victoria will work extremely hard on your behalf, whether it’s protecting you as a buyer, or making sure you can sell your home on your terms.

Jennifer Stephens

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

Jen has a life-long appreciation of beautiful homes.  A former client, Jen worked with eRealty to purchase her first home and realized it was so much more than just looking at houses.  Her stellar experience with the eRealty team sealed the deal and now she’s helping our VIP Buyers navigate the purchase of their dream homes and our VIP Sellers create the right exit strategy and move to their next home.  How? Jen loves to get to know people and get to the heart of their wants and needs and works tirelessly to find that perfect fit.

Sara Hamlin

Real Estate Broker & VIP Team Member

A seasoned home remodeler, Sara figured she could help even more people by getting her real estate license.  After interviewing the team at eRealty and Associates, she knew she had found the right fit to meet her goal.

Meticulous and thorough, Sara helps our clients evaluate each home and how it will fit their plan and respond to their needs.  She loves showing homes and looks forward to sharing the moment when clients walk into the home of their dreams!

What Some of our clients Are saying about us:

David says: Raleigh house = sold. David = relieved. Claudette Anderson = awesomest Realtor EVER! Chapter = closed.

Mark says: "I have referred several of my friends and family to eRealty and Associates team because I have had 13 years of experience working with them with multiple homes and have never been disappointed. I haven't seen a company go this deep with their analysis, have their skills that they have and care as much as they do!"

Kim says: "Thank you so much again for all of your help and the work you have done for us to find our new home. We love it! You and your team are wonderful and so caring. Not once did we ever feel pressured by any of you. Not only have we found a great home in a wonderful location, but we have become part of a family that we know will take care of us for years to come."

Martha from McKinney TX says: "There were some questions we had about how our house and family farm that was being presented by our realtors here in Texas. We are out of the Triangle Living area now, but Claudette had sold our house to us in Raleigh and then listed and sold it when we were relocating to Texas. I called Claudette as a consultant for her recommendations to help because our farm was not showing or selling with our current realtors in Texas. After doing some research and reviewing how the property was being presented online, she had several on-target suggestions, as well as a way to professionally address our realtor. Claudette’s recommendations were followed, a good relationship with our realtors was restored, and within two weeks we had three serious prospects. One made a cash offer within our price range and signed a contract. We closed, and I received my inheritance money. The farm was listed for months before we followed Claudette's advice. Thank you, Claudette, for your knowledge and willingness to help."

Tracey says: "Claudette is an incredible asset to have on your side of a real estate sale. My partner and I worked with her on two home sales. What I valued most about her is her skills in data-based pricing, negotiation, and how she leveraged her extensive experience to advise me on what she would do. As if that were not enough, I also found Claudette to be very personable and a great communicator. She regularly kept in touch to inform me of her plans for next steps and explained her strategy. Anyone considering working with Claudette and her team will be in excellent hands."