Welcome to my page. My name is Holly!

I got into real estate because of my personal interest in homes. I have a passion for the latest trends and styles. Years ago I discovered Claudette and her team at eRealty and Associates. I was blown away at their leading edge technology and desire to share their wealth of information with everyone. They don't hold back.

Anyone that will create an environment for me to learn about what they are doing before they even contact me is going to be someone I pay attention to. We are armed to lower your risk every step of the way and want you to be happy not just today, but five years from now too.

I have been in your shoes and would not want to gamble with choosing my agent to work with. This is too big of a decision, and there is too much money at risk. Check out what we have to offer first, then let me know if we are a good match.

"You are not just another client to me, you are important to me!"

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