Because no one wants to be sold, ever!

I became an agent because I was pressured and annoyed years ago when I became a buyer and investor. I went through five agents and decided to get licensed myself. Very quickly, I learned that a lot of marketing practices in real estate were not really effective. They were just there to make the seller think that things were being done, but did not get the home sold. I decided to build a system that would be what I would want to have access to if I were a buyer or seller. eRealty and Associates is the result of that vision. We bring statistics, negotiations, risk analysis and good intentions to the table. No amount of money can buy a good relationship, only trust can.

We give you the chance to check out what we bring to the table first. Any agent can show you a home; that is the easy part. But what else do they bring to the table to protect your money, your dream and you? The only thing that we ask for in return is that you set an appointment to schedule a strategy session for a quick chat with us. You will be able to see if we are a good fit and you are comfortable. Sounds fair to me. Does it to you?

"I'm a people person. Working with clients is like hanging out with new friends. And just like with a good friend, I am all about looking out for Our client's best interests. I look forward to working with you!"

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