Highlight Your Homes “Good Side" In Photos

Staging your home to Sell

You’ve decided to sell your home and you’ve decided to hire a seller’s agent. Good choice! You probably have many questions for your agent but there is one that many people forget to ask. Do you know how your agent goes about photographing your home and how the pictures will be used?

Why is home staging this important?

According to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out to 10 potential buyers begin their search online. That means that the first impression of your home is going to come from the photos used to showcase your home. It’s always astounding when you look online at a home that is for sale and it has horrible photos or even worse, no photos at all. Knowing how your agent handles this part of the marketing is extremely important.

But you have a job to do too!

While many agents use professional photographers or have extensive experience in home photography, the old saying still applies. Junk in = junk out. It is very important that you help the photographer show your home in the best possible way. This goes beyond picking up the dirty clothes off the floor and putting away the kid’s toys. Homes look most appealing when they look lived in but not cluttered. So take an objective look around. Those 1000 knick-knack’s on your bookcase, while super sentimental to you, make the pictures of your living room look small and somewhat messy. Start packing away the chachkies and leave minimal home decorations on the shelves. Remove the small throw rugs that you have in front of the sofa and love seat. Area rugs tend to make rooms look smaller. Remove anything that buyers may not find attractive, such as your doggy crate or kitty litter box.

Think dust, dirt, and smudged windows won’t show up in the pictures? Think again. Most interior home photos are taken with blinds up and curtains opened because natural light gives the home a more appealing vibe. So make sure you take the time (or hire a professional) to do a deep cleaning of the home before the photographer arrives. Making the home shine can only help in the visual imagery the potential buyers will see.

Don’t forget the outside. The photographer is going to shoot the home from the inside and outside. Take a walk around your property. Put the wheelbarrow back in the garage. Move the kid’s bikes from the side of the house. Pick up all the pool toys. Trim the dead leaves from the shrubbery. Fix the bottom of the drainpipe that is off kilter. Walk to the street and look at your home from a distance. Is there a limb lying on the roof? Is your house number falling off? Is the mailbox in good repair?

Use a critical eye. Be open to suggestions your agent will offer before photographing the home. As you know, most times you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

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