You get what you pay for

Usually, when we hear the phrase “you get what you pay for” it’s in regards to hiring someone who was “affordable” and they ended up doing a job that was not up to your standards. You could have paid more for a more expert provider but you chose the more affordable, less capable option. So, it really isn’t a derogatory statement as much as it is a true fact.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. She is an entrepreneur and needed help with your social media marketing and online brand imaging. She spoke with a few people who are professionals in that arena. When reviewing their offers she thought, “Why would I pay this much for someone to post to my Facebook page and tweet for me? How hard can it be?” So, she approached her nephew; a college student who is always in need of a few bucks, and offered him the job at half what she would have paid the expert.

A WIN? Not quite.

Yes, her nephew was reliable and was a wiz at posting on Facebook and Twitter but she didn’t see any results for her business. Why? Because her nephew lacked an important skillset. He lacked the education that the experts had in marketing and consumer psychology. So while her Facebook page and Twitter stream seemed to be filled with activity, none of it was converting to sales. You might as well say she was just throwing her money into his beer fund with no return on her investment.

The same can be said for hiring a real estate agent.

The buying or selling of a home is a complicated process and if you choose the wrong agent you’re sure to get what you pay for which will end up hurting your wallet. Here’s a word of caution:

Years of experience does not trump extensive training.

Many people ask, “How long have you been doing this” when they should be asking “how much training have you completed.” You don’t want to end up with someone who has been going through the motions for the last 30 years when you could have someone who is highly trained, continues to educate themselves, and is constantly growing and working to obtain and maintain expert status. Having someone in your corner who is well versed in the art of negotiations is a huge plus. Someone who knows the ins and out of every aspect of the closing process is only going to benefit you both financially and in reduced stress levels.

Think about it. Hiring the less experienced Real Estate Agent or contractor will almost always end up costing you more. Whether it’s having to hire a second landscaper to repair the work of the first or paying too much for you home due to having an untrained negotiator in your corner, in the long run, you lose.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because we want you to be informed before making the decision on which real estate agency to hire. So, our no-obligation gift to you is a free copy of our Home Buyers Guide, Home Sellers Guide, and Get Money Guide, just because we want you to have the very best.