Selling a Home is Nothing Short of Team Work

It’s time to sell your home!

You’ve done your homework and selected the Real Estate professional that feels like the best match for you and your needs. AWESOME. There is just a few more things. Many homeowners, once they sign on the dotted line with a real estate agent, think the only thing they have left to do it start packing. Wrong.

Selling a home is a team sport and you are a key player on the team. While the agent will do everything they can do on their end, it’s up to you to do everything you can do on your end. You may find these things to be common sense but you would be surprised at the things we’ve seen and the frank conversations we’ve had to have with a handful of clients.

So when listing your home be sure to keep in mind... Clean, Clean, Clean! We know it’s hard to keep your home spotless. After all, you’re still living in it and life goes on. However, there are a few things that you really need to pay attention to in order for your home to show well. Let’s start with SMELLS! From the litter box to last nights dinner, odors are a real turn off when a potential buyer walks into the home. It’s also important to not neglect the day to day household tasks – yep, that means the trash needs to be taken out daily and beds need to be made.  

Communication! Talk to us.

We want to know everything and not just about the home. Tell us about the neighborhood. What attracted you to the home in the first place? What did you love about the area? What issues have you had in the community. Is there anything we need to be aware of, good or bad? There is no sense in hiding the bad stuff. Most potential buyers have done their homework and if they ask us a direct question we need to be armed with information to answer it completely and honestly. So, help us out.

Be flexible!

We are really aware that showing a home can be a real inconvenience for the homeowner but just keep in mind that if we don’t show it, we can’t sell it. And please don’t ask if you can just stay while the potential buyers are there. That never works out well. It is awkward for everyone concerned so just grab your keys and go get a nice cup of coffee somewhere. Let us do what we do best.

Don’t forget Fido!

When you head out, please make arrangements for your dog(s) or cat(s). Take them with you or make sure they are secured and will not interfere with the showing of your home. The best case scenario is when a home buyer can casually go through a home, linger, ask questions, and get all the info they need to make an informed decision (and hopefully an offer). Fido barking non-stop or Miss Kitty doing a figure out around their feet is not conducive to a stress-free showing. So, you see, selling a home really does require team work. We will work our magic and you make sure the dirty pajamas made it to hamper and aren’t laying in front of the shower door.  

For more information every seller should know, grab your copy of our Free Home Selling Guide. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We’d love to chat.