When we asked Daniel and Tanisha why they choose to work with us they shared the following: “You asked us why we contacted you, so here it is. We had just relocated to the area and received a letter in the mail to check out your website to get a free home buying guide. We had bought one other time, but realized that we may not know everything!

Before you Buy a Home, Become Informed First!

I will have to admit that we were a little hesitant at first because we did not want to submit our name to a site and start being bothered by you or the eRealty and Associates Team. There is one key thing that you said on the site that made us comfortable enough to submit our information. You promised that you would not start contacting us which would have been annoying! We had all of the control to request an appointment if and when we wanted to do so!

Your information is so valuable and we really appreciate the fact that you had offered this to us without any commitment from us at first. This made us want to contact your team to schedule a strategy session and see if we still felt comfortable. We did!

A Baby Is Coming!

We moved just in time to bring our first born home to his nursery. We couldn’t be happier and felt taken care of and protected throughout the whole process. Thanks for the extra step on the HVAC inspection. We would have spent a ton of money shortly after moving in replacing a bad HVAC compressor. Thankfully, because of your advice the seller paid for replacing the compressor and our story has a happy ending. We will have you over for our house warming and tell everyone we know about you.”