This is your first stop! Welcome! I'm Chris.

It doesn't make sense to go on a trip without a budget nor does it make sense to look for a home before you know the numbers. Getting pre-approved is your first step and we will provide for you a fee sheet that will show you dollar for dollar what it will take to get into your home. You can control your monthly payment and purchase price without the guesswork. 

None of us want to be house poor. You will have the right information in front of you to decide what the sales price for your home should be. We will walk you through the loan process step by step and even show you how to shop other banks and brokers to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Check our what we bring to the table and decide if you want to submit your application. There is nothing to lose! We have even told clients to go with another lender because the special deal that they were running is unbeatable. 

"with the right information in front of you, we eliminate last minute surprises and know exactly where your money is going!"

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