To reach your dreams, you need the right game plan!

Before you Buy a Home, Become Informed First!

“Rushing into anything rarely ever ends well!” by North Carolina Realtor, Claudette Anderson

We all get excited when we start thinking about buying a home. Many times, we have seen buyers get excited and make a decision without having a plan together. It only takes a couple of hours to put a solid plan together, why would you skip this step?

Many buyers come to us who are now sellers and they regret that they jumped the gun and didn’t have a solid plan. They tell us that they should have slowed down just a little to form the right plan for them. We aren’t talking about taking years to map out every little, teeny tiny detail, but just long enough to gather the right information to decide what is best for you. Our Guide will walk you through this process and is for all levels of buyers. We have everything sectioned out so that you can choose which topic is best for your experience level.


  • You can decide on your timing!
  • Choose the Realtor YOU want to work with.
  • Are you renting your home? If so, create your move plan.
  • Determine how much money you need to have available to purchase your first home?
  • How do you analyze your decision to lower your risk?
  • Do you understand the North Carolina market trends for the neighborhood you are looking in?

Free Home Buying Guide:

Our Free Home Buying Guide was created just for you to form a solid plan! You will receive access to a special VIP Buyer Membership portal. But listen! We won’t call you unless you want us to call you! You have to hit the appointment button first, and then we will set a strategy session up to start forming your game plan. Wow, talk about reversing your risk!

I think we all can agree that we don’t want to be sold on anything and never want to be hassled by a salesperson. There is a misperception that agents are a dime a dozen and anyone can show a home. The real question to ask is whom are you trusting to help you with one of your largest purchases that you will ever make and what do they bring to the table? 

Click below for your Free VIP Buyer Access to the new home buying membership portal. You will find that we include quite a bit of information for you to chew on and put into action. Your Rights as a Buyer in North Carolina, North Carolina real estate statistics, negotiations strategies, steps to forming your plan, and what to expect in this market are just a few topics that we cover.