Hey, this is Evan and I'm so happy you stopped by!

Real estate is my passion. I've spent years studying with the best which is why I knew when I met the team at eRealty and Associates that I had found my home. As an investor, I had worked with several agents, but none of them were of the caliber of the team at eRealty and Associates. We never stop improving and training our team. It’s our commitment to ourselves and our clients.

Because of my extensive knowledge and background, I can smell bluffing from a mile away. There is not any bluffing on our team; we know what we are doing and how to strategize to help you reach the best possible outcome. I am especially impressed at the level of negotiations we operate with. This level provides you with the highest chances of winning and the lowest possibility of regret.

"I am not intimidated to negotiate for you! I treat all of my clients as if they were my investment partners and do what it takes to provide the highest level of protection for them."

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